About Sagar

The origin of the word comes from hindi word saugor means lack or sea apparently because of large and beautiful lake around which the town of Sagar is built Sagar was founded by Udan Singh in 1660 and was constituted a municipality in 1867.The gorgeous lake which is known as ‘LAKHA BANJARA JHEEL’ is situated in the heart of the city. It has industries such as oil and flour mill, saw mill, handloom cotton weaving, railway & engineering work .It is known in all over india due to Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University ,Army Cantonment .The Bundelkhand Medical College also situated .Also known for Police Training College JNPA (Jawaharlal Nehru Police Academy) which is only of two in Madhya Pradesh other one is in Indore .Head quarter of state Forensic Science Lab is also in SAGAR.